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M1 Rebrand - Be.

Agency: Dentsu Singapore.

Here's to you, being you. 

We launched the M1 Be campaign as part of M1's rebrand. It is an ode to those who truly embrace their individuality, those who followed their own paths and passions, those who just be.


This campaign celebrates diversity with authentic stories and demonstrates M1’s belief in empowering their customers to be who they are and we'll stand by them. 

From a rocker grandma who decided to pick up guitar at 60 year old, a 17 year old Teochew opera artiste keeping tradition alive to a migrant worker who found a new life as an icon of the Singapore National Cricket Team. We stand by all of you.


Here's to you, being you.


M1 Be - Make a difference
M1 Be - Run that extra mile
M1 Be - Rock your own melody
M1 Be - Play to your heart's content
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