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Huawei Galaxy Endgame

Singapore's first post-credits ad

Huawei has launched, P30 Series, the most powerful phones with the best camera. 

With its 30x zoom feature, you're not only able to see the world from new perspectives, capture the moon but also discover unseen surprises brighter, wide and closer. 

After our competitor waged a war on social media, we decided that we had to show them the power in our hands with HUAWEI P30. At the same time, the most popular superhero saga that's known for its scenes at the end of the credit roll was all the hype. We know that eager fans will stay till the end, that's when we saw our opportunity. 

Introducing HUAWEI Galaxy Endgame, the first post-credits advertisement ever created in Singapore.

With only $13,000 spent on media, we were able to capture the attention of 61 million all over the world, surpassing the population in Singapore. It was the only befitting way to avenge the phone that rewrites the rules of photography, and that was to rewrite the rules of advertisements.


General Manager: Jessica Beaton
Executive Creative Director: Joao Flores
Head of Strategy: Johanan Sen
Account Director: Iking Uy
Account Manager: Jin Yu Kong
Account Executive: Lisa Ng 
Art Director: Woon Chien Chng
Copywriter: Vanessa Han
Junior Copywriter: Emillio Rodrigues
Strategy Executive: Jason Lee
Media Director: Irene Sim
Media Executive: Scott Lee
Project Manager: Karen Chua
Project Executive: Ika Shazzani
Video Editor: Siti Khairunnisa

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