Huawei Galaxy Endgame

Singapore's first post-credits ad

Huawei was a loOoOooOoOOt of fun. What started as a social account slowly transformed into a challenge for the most innovative ideas and I was looking forward to it every week.

We decided to run an ad at the end of the most anticipated Marvel movie of the year because:

1. We knew everyone was going to stay behind for the non-existing post credit scenes.

2. Huawei's competitor created a Facebook post as a friendly banter.

So we might as well give everyone a surprise.


General Manager: Jessica Beaton
Executive Creative Director: Joao Flores
Head of Strategy: Johanan Sen
Account Director: Iking Uy
Account Manager: Jin Yu Kong
Account Executive: Lisa Ng 
Art Director: Woon Chien Chng
Copywriter: Vanessa Han
Junior Copywriter: Emillio Rodrigues
Strategy Executive: Jason Lee
Media Director: Irene Sim
Media Executive: Scott Lee
Project Manager: Karen Chua
Project Executive: Ika Shazzani
Video Editor: Siti Khairunnisa