NCADA's first anti-drug campaign that wants you to say yes to drugs.

Agency: Dentsu Singapore.

Experience HIGH here.

Youth today are more likely to try drugs as a new experience due to media influence and the softening perception around it. Singapore’s traditional approach of “Say No To Drugs” is no longer effective.

Instead, we decided to let them try drugs. 

Introducing HIGH, Singapore’s first integrated campaign that wants you to say yes to drugs. Through an interactive film, the audience is able to make decisions on behalf of Nick to experience how ‘Every high ends in a low’. Through these choices, we want people to learn that every decision has its consequences. 

The interactive film was first premiered in schools in Singapore. Subsequently, we launched the interactive film on a microsite and created a seamless online and offline experience that connects the audience to it. 

HIGH now lives as an educational material across all schools in Singapore to increase the awareness of drug abuse.

Landing page
Testimonial page
FAQ page
Character quiz page

PART II: Interactive OOH

We created a series of interactive OOH that reveals the two sides of drugs through an Instagram filter. The ads are strategically placed near learning institutions islandwide to educate our target audience and drive traffic to our online film.

PART III: Online Amplifications

A launch premiere was in place, but 2020 happened. So we turned it into an online launch to educate our audience through interactive and engaging social posts during Circuit Breaker.  

Executive Creative Director: Andy Greenaway
Creative Director: Jatinder Sandhu
Art Director: Joanna Lim
Copywriters: Stefanie Conceicao, Vanessa Han
Project Manager: Dee Dee Law
Senior Vice President: Eric Lee
Account Manager: Ayeshah Mirzha
Account Executive: Joleen Sim
Account Management Intern: Siddarth Prabhakar
Senior Producer: Maggie Chan
Senior Strategist: Shivendra Dikshit
Producers: Adilin Ismail, Pearlyn Ho
FA Artists: Poh Heong, Jessie Low
Production House (for print): Verb
Production House (for film): Chuan Pictures
Production House (for BTS video): Very Crafty
Film Director: Royston Tan
Film Scriptwriter: He Shu Ming



We also increased the longevity of this campaign by crafting an engagement package which will be used in local schools to increase awareness on drug abuse.

In the package, we have crafted flashcards for discussions and a detailed moderator manual to ensure a smooth and productive session for all students and facilitators.