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The Bot Office
Disney's award-winning ticketing system on Facebook Messenger.

Working on Disney's account was a dream come true for the child in me, especially when I got to work on Marvel movies.

Aside from coming up with integrated campaign ideas for each movie, we also created the award-winning The Bot Office during the launch of The Avengers. A seamless omni-channel ticket booking experience on Facebook Messenger for our audience.

On top of that, I've written in different voices and created different user journeys for Disney movies like The Ant-man, Maleficent, Wreck It Ralph II, Dumbo, just to name a few. Essentially, I was the human touch to a robot speaking.

NY Adfest_Chatbot_edit_Nd-01.jpg

General Manager: Phil Adrien

Executive Creative Director: Joao Flores

Head of Business: Jessica Beaton

Head of Strategy: Johanan Sen

Art Director: ND Chua
Copywriter: Vanessa Han

Copy Intern: Matthew Zhang
Account Manager: Nabilah Razak
Account Executive: Crystal Loo
Media Director: Irene Sim

Media Executive: Cheryl Lee, Scott Lee

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