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I was doing a solo backpacking trip through Europe and sharing my stories on Facebook when my mother told me that I'll never find a job writing these Facebook posts.

So to prove her wrong, I wriggled my way into the advertising industry and eventually found my place as a copywriter. Since then, I've worked with established brands such as M1, Esso, Huawei, Zespri Global, TikTok, Walt Disney Studio (SEA), Gardens by the Bay and Suntory. 


When I'm not cracking ideas in the office, I'm most likely trying out new recipes, making Pinterest boards for my future house or exploring hiking trails with my forever puppy and best friend, Ollie.

And now I ask, is it me you're looking for?

Are you going to be the one that helps me prove my mother wrong?

(If yes, please contact me. If no, you may also contact me because I'd like to keep in touch.)

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